Spice Smoke Reviews featuring Legal Highs Review and where to Buy Spice Herbal Blends, Legal buds and Herbal Spice Incense Blends.

Herbal Spice Smoke Reviews

Anyone who has been smoking spice for very long knows that it can be extremely helpful to read some of the spice smoke reviews to determine the best spice to smoke before you order any on the internet, like this website; LEGAL SPICE BUDS REVIEWS. After all, you don't always get what you pay for with smoke spice incense, and some of the best incense on the market is relatively inexpensive. Some of the best and most popular brands of smoking spice include:

HEAT. A potent yet fruity spice smoking flavor, Buzz has been listed by numerous spice smoke review sites as the best spice to smoke period. With its gentle citrus aroma and Damiana with Bay Bean and licorice herbal base, it's destined to become a legendary spice brand. Customers have even reported that effects last up to two hours after this smoke spice incense.

FUSION. Modeled after the Indian term for cannabis (hashish), Afghan Hash has a lot of similarities, including the aroma and effects. Ingredients include Wild Lettuce, Bay Laurel, and Peru Balsam Aromatic Resin, all of which are known to produce a high-energy, euphoric effect. Members of this Spice Smoke Review found it to be an exhilarating and exciting spice smoking experience.

Tribe. No spice smoke reviews would be complete without mentioning Tribe, an intense new spice smoke that has hit legal highs reviews like a ton of bricks. Honestly, if you can find some of this at a spice smoke shop online, get it immediately, because it is extremely rare and potent—a lethal combination. All natural, organic ingredients and the effects are out of this world. Definitely worth the money.

Pulse. With a list of ingredients that includes such ancient smoking blends as lemongrass and damiana, Pulse is a herbal spice blend that puts you in touch with your spiritual side. The positive legal highs reviews just keep coming in for this vendor, and the unique fragrance is influenced by the addition of cloves, making this almost an aromatherapeutic experience.

Kanna. Imported direct from Africa, Kanna is the newest offering from the "Dark Continent." With natural ingredients that include Wild Dagga, the effects have been compared with those of cannabis in more than one spice smoke review, and every spice smoke shop online is clamoring to get some of this spice product. Not into smoking it? That's alright—Kanna can also be steeped as a tea with the same effects.

Soma. With its psychedelic artwork on the package to the potency that makes it a favorite among repeat customers, Soma is one for the ages. The spice smoke review sites have compared it with Fusion, Spice, and the K2 of the early days of the spice smoking craze. An all natural spice herbal blend is supplemented with psychoactive Amanitas mushroom extract—saving you the trouble of trying to figure out which mushrooms are psychoactive and which ones are deadly poison.


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